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Real Estate Litigation & Transactional Practice

Conflicts in business are sometimes inevitable. Should litigation be necessary to resolve a dispute, you will need a legal team that has a complete understanding of the relevant laws and is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect your company’s interests.

Coffey Modica’s Real Estate  & Services Practice represents various industry professionals such as real estate brokers, appraisers, trust deed servicing agents, surveyors, title abstractors, and home inspectors throughout the United States in litigation matters.

We possess a deep understanding of the intricate challenges real estate professionals confront, from the initiation to the conclusion of property transactions. Recognizing the heightened scrutiny and numerous obstacles prevalent in today’s real estate market, we are well-versed in the dynamics between clients, co-brokers, employees, and regulatory bodies.

Our expertise spans diverse areas, from residential closings, commercial leasing, loan processing, and environmental assessments to cooperative and condominium transactions. As needed, we collaborate with expert consultants with whom we’ve built lasting partnerships. These specialists offer invaluable insights and, when required, expert testimony.

Owing to our attorneys’ vast knowledge in both the insurance and real estate sectors, we can astutely assess liability and potential risks, enabling us to swiftly design and adeptly implement effective resolution tactics.

Practice Areas