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Product Liability

Our attorneys have institutional and brand knowledge in the construction industry and have devised protocols for fielding claims and minimizing overall liability. This enables our clients to conserve in-house resources.

Coffey Modica boasts extensive expertise in defending product liability cases related to a broad range of motorized vehicles, from cars, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, and personal watercraft to outboard engines, agricultural machinery, forklifts, other industrial equipment, and their corresponding components.

In today’s era of specialization, a generalized approach doesn’t suffice for legal representation. At the helm of Coffey Modica’s product liability division is industry trailblazer Michael Mezzacappa. Collaborating with diverse specialties within the firm, our attorneys ensure the highest caliber of defense, contemporary risk management insights, and the latest technological tools, from e-discovery to authoritative scientific assessments. The dedicated Coffey Modica attorney representing a client remains ever-vigilant, keenly spotting potential risks, staying updated with emerging trends, and ensuring our clients are equipped with the apt resources and guidance to further both their legal and overarching business goals.

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