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Gianna Aversa


Gianna Aversa is an Associate Attorney at Coffey Modica’s White Plains offices. She was formerly an Associate Attorney at the Law Offices of Michael E. Pressman in New York, New York.

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Admitted to the New York State Bar in October 2023, Gianna Aversa holds a Juris Doctor from New York Law School and a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Monmouth University. Her academic background and expertise in health-related issues add a nuanced understanding to her practice.

With a career built on a solid foundation of diverse legal experiences, Gianna has developed a comprehensive base of legal knowledge. Before joining Coffey Modica, she sharpened her skills at the Law Offices of Michael E. Pressman, where she excelled in drafting legal documents and negotiating settlements. Gianna’s previous roles as a Law Clerk and Legal Intern, as well as her work with non-profit legal services and an international law office in Israel, have equipped her with a robust understanding of various legal systems and practices. Her ability to analyze complex data, communicate effectively with clients, and collaborate with legal and expert witnesses has consistently led to favorable outcomes.


  • New York


  • New York Law School, JD
  • Monmouth University, BS