Real Estate Litigation and Transactional Practice

Conflicts in business are sometimes inevitable. Should litigation be necessary to resolve a dispute, you will need a legal team that has a complete understanding of the relevant laws and is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect your company’s interests.

Conflicts related to commercial or residential real estate in New York can be extraordinarily complicated, with numerous potential pitfalls. Coffey Modica, LLP guides clients through property matters from acquisition through construction, and beyond. Whether you’re grappling with a title dispute, a lease dispute (including a potential eviction), a boundary line dispute, a dispute over the contract of sale (including specific performance), a foreclosure case, mechanics liens, or whether you seek to litigate an adverse possession case or constructive trust case, or seek to partition co-owned property, our seasoned lawyers will offer essential advice and full representation. 

And should you find yourself on the wrong side of a court ruling concerning real property, or your adversary seeks to overturn a favorable ruling on your side, we stand ready to advocate for you during the appellate stage.

About Coffey Modica

For over thirty years, the partners at Coffey Modica have represented the country’s most prominent businesses and insurance companies and have built remarkable reputations and practices by delivering optimal resolutions unique to each client and matter.


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