Construction & Construction Defect Litigation

We represent owners, general contractors, and trade subcontractors against claims resulting from construction site accidents, design and construction defects, delay and liquidated damages claims and negligence. Our attorneys also serve as direct outside counsel for various construction trade clients to review and negotiate contracts, advise on risk mitigation and best practices, and defend against claims and suits if need be.

Much of our construction practice involves defending New York Labor Law matters. We are especially experienced at handling the associated challenges that these strict liability statutes present. Our 24/7 Emergency Response Team is on-site immediately following a construction accident to handle an in-depth investigation to determine if the accident or claim falls under the New York Labor Law statutes and to gather the necessary information that will inform the firm’s strategy.

We fiercely defend our clients’ interests. We litigate matters from inception through trial, and if necessary, appeals. Our team of attorneys advises on and determines all avenues of risk transfer for indemnity that minimizes indemnity and insurance loss run exposure.

About CMO

For over thirty years, the partners at Coffey Modica have represented the country’s most prominent businesses and insurance companies and have built remarkable reputations and practices by delivering optimal resolutions unique to each client and matter.


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