Commercial Automobile/Transportation Group

We have an active and robust commercial automobile/transportation practice and have successfully litigated hundreds of suits relating to claims of defective manufacture, defective design, breach of warranty, inadequate warning, vehicle crashworthiness, and vicarious liability of such diverse vehicles as automobiles, sport utility vehicles, cargo and passenger vans, buses, tractor-trailers, armored vehicles, and forklifts. Further, they have expertise in the insurance practice of automotive vehicles, including no-fault, uninsured/underinsured, and loss transfer rules. They have won a significant number of cases by early motion practice and, when appropriate, resolve cases by favorable settlements quickly and cost-efficiently.

Further, we have specific expertise in the emerging car-sharing arena.  The firm has knowledge in both interpreting (and drafting) the applicable insurance policies in play and the strategies needed to defend them specifically.  The firm is familiar and experienced with the specific insurance programs for ride-hailing and car-sharing platforms and a surge of claims and lawsuits against them, their users, and their insurers.

Likewise, the firm is sensitive to the fact that a company’s intellectual property, such as app data, may become the subject of discovery. We understand the need to protect the company and its proprietary information. The firm is skilled in drafting and negotiating confidentiality agreements and protective orders, which can shield the proprietary and trade-secret information of the ride-hailing or car-sharing platform defendants.

Critically, the firm prides itself on its 24/7 rapid response team, which becomes extremely critical in automobile/transportation claims.  The team is specifically trained to inspect and preserve the scene and the vehicles involved in an accident.  Additionally, the team has a stable of experts, investigators, and translators available to properly obtain witness statements which must be taken early on because recollections often change. Our team utilizes early investigations to obtain high-level results.

About CMO

For over thirty years, the partners at Coffey Modica have represented the country’s most prominent businesses and insurance companies and have built remarkable reputations and practices by delivering optimal resolutions unique to each client and matter.


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